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Studio Spotlight | Dave Paek


I’ve always been a big user of off camera flash throughout my wedding photography career, but it wasn’t until I’ve had a chance to learn under Joseph Victor Stefanchik that my lighting techniques became much more creative as well as refined (in my humble opinion). Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of JVS’ lighting workshops including his advanced lighting workshops. I’ve even had a chance to work with him on the field at an engagement shoot and at a wedding.

Outside of lighting techniques, JVS has been an invaluable resource for critiques and the wedding business in general. I really value Joseph’s honest, at times brutally honest, opinion about what I could do to make my images even more compelling. As a result, I believe I’m a lot tougher on myself about the quality of my images and that has really helped me grow as a photographer.”

-Dave Paek | Dave Paek Photography | JVS Lighting Workshops Student



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