Personal Photo Coach – Joshua d’hondt photography

with JVS is intense.

On top of the critiquing of all my unedited work, Joseph offers regular insights on how to prepare for a job, on where and how to find inspiration, on how to find motivation to go the extra mile, every time. He steps into my pictures, and shows me opportunities I did not see and makes suggestions on how to better approach these next time.

His unfiltered opinions and honest feedback are a delight to get a good insight on strengths and weaknesses, as well on a technical level as in the way of shooting  subjects and situations. His keen eye for the inner monologue of the people photographed teaches me to stay focused and be more sensitive for the levels of content I do not recognise yet.

Through his critiques and technical insights, I see and shoot in a very different way, with more purpose and in a more deliberate way, even after just 3 months. It is a painful yet rewarding process and I can only imagine what 9 more months will mean for my skills and views.

Thank you Joseph! – Joshua D’hondt | Joshua D’hondt Photography | One Year Photo Coaching Program Client


All images are Copyright 2015 Joshua D’hondt |  Joshua D’hondt Photography

Portrait of Joshua D’hondt Copyright 2015 Nele Watty Fotographie