Coach JVS – Biography


“Let me take your picture.” –Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


I’m Joseph Victor Stefanchik (JVS) and I live and breathe photography.

I love creating work that makes a powerful visual statement for my clients. From the kitchens of the finest restaurants, to hospital rooms in war-ravaged countries, to makeshift photo studios I construct on the fly, this kind of photography requires the ability to shoot anywhere, anytime, and to tell the story unfolding in front of me in the most compelling and cohesive way.

As a photojournalist I’ve traveled the world documenting incredible stories and I’ve been fortunate to win a number of awards including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for International Photojournalism (twice) as well as being named a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Over the years I’ve photographed music legends and big screen faces, the atrocities of civil war and land mines in Angola, traversed down the Panama Canal in a Panamax ship and froze my butt off photographing the Nagano Winter Olympic Games. And believe it or not, I also have a passion for food photography.

I specialize in portraits, reportage, food, and stop motion photography.

I teach photography workshops around the globe concentrating on creative lighting techniques. Sharing my knowledge with fellow photographers and helping them raise their game is a real thrill.