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Who Needs A Photo Coach?

Does your website, blog or portfolio need a critique?

Are you stuck in a creative rut?

Would you like to learn how to improve your shooting or post-production skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above… I’m here to help!

My 1-On-1 Photo Coaching programs sessions will help you elevate your art and guide you on your mission to become a better photographer.

Whether we jump on Google+ for a couple of hours or spend a full day together in-person, we will concentrate on the areas you’re looking to improve. I will share the systems, skills and techniques I’ve developed in my 20+ years of shooting weddings and editorial photography.

“On top of the critiquing of all my unedited work, Joseph offers regular insights on how to prepare for a job, on where and how to find inspiration, on how to find motivation to go the extra mile, every time.

He steps into my pictures, and shows me opportunities I did not see and makes suggestions on how to better approach these next time.”

Joshua D’hondt | One Year Photo Coaching Program Client