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Student Spotlight | Rocio Vega Veroa


“Since 1999 I decided I wanted to be a professional photographer. I have read a lot of books, went to photography institute, and many, many different workshops. All different types of workshops. But with out doubt, I will never forget JVS´workshop. It was so technical skilled, I learned about flashes what I had never even heard in so many other “technical workshops”.

JVS is a great teacher, he is full of knowledge and the best part he knows how to transmit it! Not every master of photography can teach!

He not only taught me how to use my flash, he also taught me to think as a more technical photographer, and I will always be thankful for this last part. If I ever have an opportunity I will repeat a workshop with him, I think he is a great teacher from whom you will always learn something new.”

Rocio Vega Veroa | Fotografía | JVS Lighting Workshop Student


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