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Student Spotlight | Kevin Ferguson


I have been shooting since 1993, and your workshop proved that you can truly teach new photographers with no off-camera flash experience in the same workshop as people with plenty of experience with off-camera flash. Your knowledge of different triggering systems is profound, as is your knowledge of different camera systems. You also demonstrate that there is often more than one way to solve the same problem…and the more ways you know, the easier your job is.

Some people light to create drama. Some people light to properly expose a subject. Some people light to flatter bodies. You know when to do each, and how to blend them to create the look you are hoping for better than most photographers out there.

You show all of this and more in your workshops, while also giving everyone a chance to try their hand with any modifier or light that they are interested in.

Amazing workshop. Amazing presenter. Can’t wait to catch up with you for a beer the next time we are within 25 miles of each other.”

-Kevin Ferguson | Kevin Ferguson Weddings | JVS One Day Lighting Workshop Student


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